SASSA R350 Approved But No Payment Date 2023

So, you’ve heard the good news – SASSA approved that R350 grant, right? Lekker, right? But hold up, here’s the twist – no payment date in sight. What’s the scoop, you may wonder? Well, stick around, ’cause we’re about to dive into this puzzling situation. If you are facing the scenario “Sassa R350 approved but no payment date” then you have landed in the right place.

We are going to elaborate on this situation in a deep-down manner so you can know what is the matter. However, there is no need to worry at all as your grant has been approved. Just read this complete guide to know about everything in detail.

Why is My SASSA R350 Approved But No Payment Date?

Sassa started the SRD R350 grant during the pandemic of COVID-19 to help those who were distressed during that tough time. However later, the government decided to keep running this welfare and income support program to further enhance the situation of all unemployed citizens.

But now there are millions of unemployed people who are applying for this grant every day. The number of applicants is drastically increasing day by day. That is the reason, the government has to manage funds.

If you are seeing the message on your Sassa status check the page that your SRD R350 grant was approved but there is no payment date then read about the reasons below.

What Happens if the SASSA Status Check is Approved But Has No Pay Date?

There are many reasons that you will see Sassa’s status check is approved but has no pay date. We will explore all the reasons now.

Incomplete or Inaccurate Information

One possibility is that there may be missing or incorrect details in your application. This could include errors in your personal information, contact details, or banking information. Double-check your application to ensure all information is accurate and complete.

Backlog Due to Exceeding Applications

Sometimes, SASSA experiences a high volume of applications, especially during certain periods. This can lead to delays in processing and assigning payment dates. So, if there’s a backlog, it might take a bit longer to get your payment date.

Bank Account Balance Exceeds R624

Another reason could be that your bank account balance is higher than the R624 grant amount. SASSA may prioritize payments to those in greater financial need. If your account balance is above the grant amount, this could delay your payment.


Why was my Sassa R350 approved but no payment in a bank account?

There are three major reasons why your Sassa R350 grant is approved and there is no payment in your bank account.

  1. Sassa is experiencing a large number of applications.
  2. Your information is not correct on your application.
  3. Sassa has checked your bank account and you have more than R624 in your bank account.

Can I collect my R350 when it says approved but no pay date?

No, you can not collect your R350 payment if your pay date is not announced yet. However, your application status is approved but you need to wait for your pay date.

How do I know if my R350 is available?

You will receive a message from Sassa that your SRD R350 grant payment is available to collect or you will directly get your payment if you have added the payment method as a bank account.


So if you are facing Sassa R350 status and there is no date when you can collect your grant then you need to either wait or check your application status. In most cases, you will get your pay date very soon. So now you should keep patience and wait for your payment date.

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