How to Withdraw Money Without the SASSA Card?

So your Sassa card is lost and now you are worried. You don’t even know how to withdraw money without the Sassa card. But your worry is no more as we have the best guide for you.

We will let you find alternative ways to withdraw your SRD R350 grant payment using options like FNB’s EWallet and ABSA’s Cash Send so you can get your payment.

Moreover, we will also provide you with another way which is to change the payment method to get your R350 grant cash. So this is a very important guide as we have exclusive information for you.

Besides collecting the Sassa grant, you can also do an SRD status check on this blog and see if your Sassa application is approved or not. So let’s start with an easy-to-follow and comprehensive guide.

How to Withdraw Money Without the SASSA Card in South Africa?

We know how frustrating it can be when someone says “I have lost my Sassa card” and we can feel your pain. The good news is that you do not need to take tension in this matter as you can still get your grant payment. Yes, you read it right, You can get your cash when you do not have a debit card from Sassa.

Here are the options that you can use to withdraw your payment from the Sassa account.

  • ABSA’s Cash Send
  • FNB’s EWallet
  • OTP
  • Cardless Withdraw

How to Withdraw Money Without a Sassa Card for SRD R350?

Here are the methods that Sassa beneficiaries can use to withdraw their funds.

ABSA’s Cash Send

ABSA’s Cash Send service offers a convenient way to access your SASSA grant funds even without your SASSA card. To utilize this option, you’ll need to visit an ABSA branch or an authorized partner outlet. Provide your SASSA details and necessary identification. The service will generate a secure PIN, which you can share with your trusted recipient. They can then visit an ABSA or partner outlet, enter the PIN, and receive the cash amount.

FNB’s EWallet

FNB’s EWallet is another efficient method to receive your SASSA grant without a physical card. Visit an FNB branch or authorized agent, along with your identification and SASSA information. FNB will initiate an E-Wallet transfer, sending the grant amount to your mobile phone number. 

You’ll receive an SMS notification with instructions on how to access the funds. Simply follow the steps to withdraw or use the funds as needed.

OTP (One-Time PIN)

If you’ve misplaced your SASSA card but still have access to your registered mobile number, you can use the OTP method. Contact SASSA through their helpline and request an OTP for your grant payment. 

Once received, visit an ATM or authorized cash withdrawal point, enter the OTP, and follow the on-screen instructions to withdraw the funds securely.

Cardless Withdraw

Most major banks in South Africa offer a cardless withdrawal feature. Visit your bank’s nearest branch or an ATM that supports cardless withdrawals. Follow the prompts on the ATM screen to initiate a cardless transaction. You’ll need to enter your SASSA details, mobile number, and other required information. 

Once confirmed, the ATM will dispense the grant amount in cash, allowing you to access your funds without a physical card.


What do I do if I lose my SASSA grant card?

You need to visit the South African Post Office and then ask for help regarding your lost card.

Can I withdraw SASSA money without a card at Shoprite?

Yes, you can withdraw your Sassa money without a card at Shoprite and many other retailers like OK stores, Boxer, Checkers, Usave, and Pick n Pay.

Does SASSA use an Ewallet?

Yes, Sassa uses Ewallet to send payments and you can collect your grant as well.

Can I transfer money from my SASSA card to my bank account?

No, you can not use your Sassa debit card to send money from one account to another.

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