What is the SASSA Means Test?

Hey there, South African pals! Wondering about the SASSA Means Test for Sassa grants? Well, you’re in the right spot to get the scoop on what it’s all about. This test, also known as the “money-checker,” is like a detective that figures out if you’re eligible for that sweet R350 grant from SASSA.

But, wait, there’s more! We’ll break it down for you, step by step, so you can understand how it works and what you need to do. So, grab your favorite snack, and let’s dive into this important info!

How Does SASSA Means Test Work?

Alrighty, let’s break down how the Means Test works in simple terms. Imagine it’s like a detective trying to find out if you’re eligible for the SASSA grant. The detective (or the Means Test) looks at two main things: your income and the assets you own.

First off, your income. This means the money you get regularly, like from your job or other sources. If your income is below a certain amount (which the government decides), you’re more likely to get the grant. But if you’re already getting a lot of dough, the detective might say, “Sorry, no grant for you.”

Next up, the detective checks out what you own, like fancy gadgets or a big-screen TV. If you have a lot of valuable stuff, the detective might think, “Hmm, you don’t really need that Sassa grant right now.”

So, in a nutshell, the means test will verify your real assets and money in your bank to see if you are eligible for any Sassa grant. Also, If you pass the test, you’re in luck – you might just get that R350 grant to help you out.

Requirements for Passing Means Test for All Types of Sassa Grants

Now we will evaluate the different types of requirements for passing the means test for each type of Sassa grant. Let’s categorize things further.

Monthly Income Requirements for Sassa Grants

Below is the table that you can use to determine the monthly income threshold for all types of Sassa grants. You can check them in the table.

Grant TypeIncome Limit (Single)Income Limit (Married)
SRD GrantR624 per monthN/A
Child Support GrantR5,000 per monthR10,000 per month
Foster Child GrantNo income/asset testNo income/asset test
Care Dependency GrantR20,800 per monthR41,600 per month
Disability GrantR8,070 per monthR16,140 per month
Older Persons GrantR8,070 per monthR16,140 per month
War Veterans GrantR8,070 per monthR16,140 per month
Grant-in-AidR8,070 per monthR16,140 per month

Asset Limits for Sassa Grants

Another requirement for being eligible for Sassa grants is the asset. You can not own certain types of assets or a certain amount of value assets for the Sassa grant. Check the below table to find out all about asset limitations.

Grant TypeAsset Limit (Single)Asset Limit (Married)
SRD GrantNot applicableNot applicable
Child Support GrantNot applicableNot applicable
Foster Child GrantNot applicableNot applicable
Care Dependency GrantNot applicableNot applicable
Disability GrantR1,372,800R2,745,600
Older Persons GrantR1,372,800R2,745,600
War Veterans GrantR1,372,800R2,745,600

SASSA Grants and Payouts

If you are wondering what are the payment amounts of Sassa that you will get after the approval of each type of grant then check the table below.

Grant TypeMonthly Amount
Old Age Grant (below 75 years old)R2,080 per month
Old Age Grant (above 75 years old)R2,100 per month
War Veterans GrantR2,100 per month
Disability GrantR2,080 per month
Care Dependency GrantR2,080 per month
Foster Child GrantR1,120 per month
Child Support GrantR500 per month
Child Support Grant (with top-up)R750 per month (with R250 top-up)
Extended Child Support Grant (for orphaned children)R750 per month
Grant-in-AidR500 per month
Covid-19 SRD GrantR350 per month

Sassa Means Test Calculator 2023

If you want to check the Sassa means test calculator then you can check it below.

SASSA Means Test Calculator 2023

SASSA Means Test Calculator 2023

Grant Limits:

Income Limit: Select a grant type

Asset Limit: Select a grant type


What does the means test mean on SASSA status?

The Means test is an income and asset verification test that you need to do when you apply for SASSA grants.

What does the SASSA old age test mean for 2023?

An old age grant is a type of grant from Sassa for people who are old and need financial support.

What is the means test for the SASSA pension?

If you want to apply for a Sassa pension then you have to pass the means test and you have to prove your low income and poverty.

How much must you earn to qualify for a Sassa grant?

You need to earn specific amounts if you want to apply for a specific Sassa grant. There is no one exact amount as each type of grant has its own eligibility criteria.


In a nutshell, applying for a Sassa grant requires you to pass the means test. There is no way to skip this test as you have to provide yourself as a beneficiary of Sassa grants. You can check all the requirements for passing this test in the above tables and be yourself qualify for any kind of Sassa grant in 2023.

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