Check SASSA Disability Grant Payment Date & Status March 2024

Get your SASSA payment date for 2024 now. If you have recently applied for the SRD R350 grant, view your Sassa SRD status check for R350 to get your grant payments. The official SASSA agency has announced the payment dates for all the months. From January to December, you can obtain your payment dates here.

SASSA offers grant payments to individuals suffering from poverty, unemployment, and COVID-19 post-socioeconomic effects. During the pandemic, millions of citizens had lost their sources of income.

To tackle this worst situation, the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) took responsibility and helped millions of South African people in that hard time.

SASSA payment dates for 2024

Now, the payments are made every month and there are over 20 million people in 2024 who are getting benefits from this social relief grant system.

If you are here to know about your SASSA payment dates for the SRD status grant then you can check the below timetable and learn about your payday date.

SASSA Payment Dates for Disability Grant

The complete timetable for this grant is mentioned below. You can note down your payment date and then go to the SASSA office to collect your payment there.

Also, if you are using the banking details then you will get your SASSA payment in your bank account soon.

SASSA Grant NameDisability Grant
SASSA Payment Date06/03/2024
Grant Year2024
Payment Collection MethodsBank Deposit/Cash
Check Your EligibilityHere

Can I Get Payment Dates After the SASSA Status Pending?

If you are facing an SASSA status Pending issue then you will not get any payment date as you are not approved for the grant payment. However, you can appeal for reconsideration and then you may get a second chance.

How to Do SASSA Reconsideration?

SASSA Reconsideration is a process to reapply for your SRD grant. If you are disapproved for the first time then you have the opportunity to apply again via the reconsideration application process. 

In this process, you need to apply for a reapplication and SASSA will verify your details, and then SASSA can approve your grant application.

What is SASSA Status Declined?

If you are viewing your SRD status as “Declined” then you should know that you are disapproved for the SASSA grant. In this scenario, you need to know the reason behind the rejection of your SRD application and then you can appeal for reapplication.

Why Was My SASSA Status Failed Due to Identity Verification Failed?

SASSA uses the ID documents of the applicants to verify their eligibility. If you have submitted your documents then your identity documents were not able to verify your details. And that is the reason your grant approval is rejected. You will see “Failed” status when your ID document does not pass the means test.


When will SASSA payment dates be announced for 2024?

SASSA payment dates for 2024 have been announced already. Just visit the SASSA office to know about your payment.

What is the date for the SASSA SRD R350 payment for January 2024?

SASSA has announced the dates for the SRD R350 grant. The date for January 2024 is 20 January 2024. Get your payment on this day.

Why has my payday date not arrived?

You have to pass the means test and eligibility criteria before you get your SASSA grant payment. If you are approved for the grant then you will automatically receive your payment date via SMS. 

However, if you are unable to get your payment date then call SASSA now.

Is the SASSA payment date announced for the Social Relief of Distress grant?

Yes, SASSA has announced the dates for the Social Relief of Distress grant. You can read this post to know about the payday date.

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